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  1. WebSiteAdmin says:

    Ms. Oliver,

    How are things spiritually in your household – we are praying that things have improved!

  2. WebSiteAdmin says:

    You and your family’s needs will be prayed for!

    In Jesus Name – Amen!

  3. WebSiteAdmin says:

    We will keep you and your family in prayer.

    The Church Family @ Faith UPC.

  4. Michael says:

    Please keep me and my family in prayer that the Lord would deliver us from witchcraft being performed against us and divinely and supernaturally protect us from all evil and all the devils evil plans and schemes. We’re in need of alot of prayer, could you please keep us on the churches prayerlist for a while. Thanks so very much for all your prayers and kindness. God bless

  5. tanya gibson says:

    please pray for husband deliverance from anger salvation of husband children to obey
    housing clothing employment childcare

  6. April Oliver says:

    God direct and open a door for Devin Cook and April Oliver to jobs in an area which will be a place we can spiritually grow and have spiritual leadership,
    providing the means and financially providing throughout.

    God direct and open door to Devin and April quickly and swiftly, in Jesus Name.

    Thank You

  7. WebSiteAdmin says:

    Hello Jerrie, Yes, we will pray for your mother’s salvation and it will be a pleasure to meet you all!
    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and strengthen you!

  8. Sis. Jerrie Abshire says:

    Please help me pray for the salvation of my mother, Mary Trahan., who is a resident of Joliet. I will be visiting your church on August 23. Hopefully; she and my sister will accompany me.

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